EUV narrowband mirrors


Standard multilayer mirrors for the EUV spectral range reflect in a narrow wavelength range and are therefore usable as monochromators (typical for 13.5 nm: FWHM = 0.5 nm, FWHM = 10°), however with a low resolution. New coating designs developed at Fraunhofer IOF allow improving the resolution considerably. EUV narrow band mirrors can be used for diverse applications such as monochromators for EUV broadband sources and separation of higher harmonics in the EUV spectral range.



  • Calculation of narrow band film designs using patented design approaches
  • Realization of theoretic multilayer designs to fabricate narrow band mirrors
  • Optimization of multilayer design with respect to band width and maximum reflection for different wavelength and angle of incidence


Our work

  • Design, fabrication and characterization of narrowband mirrors for the EUV spectral region according to customized requirements
  • Optimization of bandwidth for different wavelength and angles of incidence
  • Coating of different substrate materials (e.g. fused silica, silica, ULETM, Zerodur®)
  • Coating of different substrate geometries (e.g. flat, spheres, aspheres) up to diameter of 650 mm