Multichannel lock-in amplifier for optoelectronic measurement systems

Multichannel detection

The measurement of weak signals in a noisy environment is a typical task for optical metrology. This task can be accomplished by synchronous detection by means of the lock-in technology. Due to the rapid development in optoelectronics, multichannel systems are common in a wide range of the application fields. This leads to an increasing demand for scalable multichannel amplification systems. Commercially available lock-in amplifiers
offer a broad spectrum of applications, but most of them have a limited number of detection channels.


We offer

Fraunhofer IOF offers a cost-efficient modular multichannel lock-in amplifier with a scalable number of detection channels. Up to 16 multichannel modules (with 8 detection channels each) can be connected to the parallel bus system. Measurement parameters are set up on the front panel and transferred from the control module to the 8-channel assembly modules.


System parameters

- Sensitivity:   5 mV - 500 mV
- Time constant:   3 ms - 200 ms
- SNR:   > 40 dB
- Linearity:   0.1%
- Dynamic reserve:   60 dB
- Chopper input range:   1 kHz - 5 kHz
- Number of channels:   scalable up to 128 channels (16 8-channel modules)
- Housing size:
  19 inch