High precision joining of prism assemblies for optical sensors

For the passive joining of miniaturised prism components an assembly technology which bonds small prisms (dimension < 5 mm) with a high accuracy has been designed and developed. With this technology the yearly production of appx. 1000 pieces can be realised.


System design concept

  • System tolerancing
  • Joining concept
  • Design, construction and testing of the high accurate passive alignment devices of Zerodur®
  • High precision positioning of components
  • Adhesive joint tolerance < 1 µm
  • Development of dosing technology to ensure adhesive layer thickness
  • Rotation of the prism on the reticle < 17´
  • Cleanless of the device
  • Cleanless of the optical surfaces (1 x 0.016 mm in inspection region)
  • Adhesive selection and testing


Our work

We develop solutions for micro assembly of optical components from prototype to automated serial production.