Integration of microoptical components for a blue ray DVD pickup system


  • Mobile data storage system, blue ray laser diode @ 407 nm
  • Increasing packaging density of the components leads to higher requirements on the assembly and alignment process
  • Use of microelectronic system platforms
  • Assembly process and alignment procedures for mass production


Our work

  • Development of assembly and aligment processes
  • Realization of high precision assembly devices
  • Assembly and aligment of prototypes


Alignment technologies

By means of geometrical characteristics

  • Alignment of the components using mechanical stops
  • Detection of component geometry - edges and alignment structures using image processing
  • Alignment accuracy: 10 – 50 μm 

By means of optical functionality

  • Measurement of beam parameters and intensity
  • Detection of the data signal
  • Alignment accuracy: 1 – 10 μm