Awards and Prizes 2012

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF

The Fraunhofer IOF were awarded "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2012"

Under the patronage of the German President, since 2006 the "Germany - Land of Ideas" nation-branding initiative has cooperated with Deutsche Bank to reward ideas and projects that make a lasting contribution to Germany’s future viability.

In 2012, the Fraunhofer IOF were awarded for the Fraunhofer-research project "Optical Systems with Facet-Vision Technology".

Fraunhofer Prize Award 2012 for a Fraunhofer IOF researcher

The semiconductor industry is faced with the challenge of supplying ever faster and more powerful chips. The Next-Generation Lithography with EUV radiation will help meeting that challenge. Fraunhofer IOF researchers have developed key components.

Thuringia Research Prize Award 2012 for the Fraunhofer IOF

The Thuringia Research Prize Award 2012 for commercialization of scientific research went to the Fraunhofer IOF researchers Dr. Ulrike Schulz and Dr. Peter Munzert. The jury honoured their scientific work of antireflection coatings "AR-Plas".