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The Innovation Alliance 3Dsensation aims to change the interaction of human and machine fundamentally.

Freeform Optics Plus is a regional growth core working on the development and commercialization of innovative freeform optical systems.

Research project for setting new standards in miniaturized imaging optics in the fields of consumer electronics, life sciences, automotive and sensors.

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Researchers of Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering are awarded Kingslake Award 2014

Jena | 07 September 2015

Five researchers of the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena are the winners of the 2014 Rudolf Kingslake Award. Every year, this award honors researchers who publish the most notable original work on theoretical and experimental aspects of optical engineering in the journal “Optical Engineering”.

The award was presented to the research team at the beginning of the SPIE Optical Systems Design conference, taking place in Jena from 07 to 10 September.

The awardees Stefan Heist, Andreas Mann, Dr. Peter Kühmstedt, Dr. Peter Schreiber and Prof. Dr. Gunther Notni published the paper “Array projection of aperiodic sinusoidal fringes for high-speed three-dimensional shape measurement” in the November 2014 issue of “Optical Engineering”.

New diamond laser 20 times more powerful

Sydney, Australia | Jena, Germany | August 14, 2015

A group of researchers from the Macquarie Photonics Research Centre in Sidney and fiber laser experts from Fraunhofer IOF are developing a diamond laser that is 20 times more powerful than previous diamond lasers.

High-power diamond lasers are especially useful in applications that require beaming power over long distances. For example, these lasers can be used for optical communications in space, laser ranging, and the tracking and removal of space debris.

As a relatively new material for creating laser beams, diamonds are currently becoming a leading technology in generating powerful beams at wavelengths where traditional lasers reach their limits.

“Diamond fibers seem to fit high-power lasers perfectly. It is very interesting to see that such an advancement is possible and I am convinced that a lot of fascinating developments will come from this” says Dr. Thomas Schreiber, who is group leader for fiber laser research at Fraunhofer IOF and part of the project from the German side.

Strategic Research Alliance between NKT Photonics and Fraunhofer IOF Jena for PCF Technologies

Birkerød, Denmark; Jena, Germany, June 23rd. 2015

NKT Photonics A/S and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF announce a strategic research alliance between both partners. Within the agreement NKT Photonics A/S licensed parts of its unique Photonic Crystal Fiber technology to the Fraunhofer IOF.

For more than a decade NKT Photonics (previously Crystal Fibre) has pioneered the field of photonic crystal fibers and today the technology forms the backbone of several high performance product areas such as supercontinuum lasers and ultrafast fiber lasers. Several major laser companies worldwide have embraced the technology and offer high-performance fiber laser products based on fibers and gain blocks from NKT Photonics.

Fraunhofer IOF Jena has been a partner and pioneer customer of NKT Photonics for many years and holds numerous fiber laser performance records using jointly developed fibers from NKT Photonics.

Solutions with light – Fraunhofer IOF presents new research findings at the world’s leading exhibition »LASER World of Photonics 2015« from 22th until 25th of June

Fiber lasers are a central component for the modern industry as well as health care. These lasers combine the advantages of high precision fabrication and contact free material handling. Thus, they are superior compared to conventional technologies. The research team of Dr. Ramona Eberhardt and Prof. Jens Limpert show their latest developments in the scope of fiber lasers.

A highlight is the monolithic integrated fiber laser system that reaches performances within the multi-kilowatt range with emission wavelength of 1 µm or 2 µm.  In collaboration with »Active Fibers Systems GmbH« from Jena, the researchers show an ultrashort fiber laser system as a 1:10 model of the system for the »Extreme Light Infrastructure« (ELI) project. “Our experiences and competencies in the field of fiber lasers are enabling us to develop new system concepts with outstanding pulse durations and performances” says Prof. Jens Limpert, leader of the workgroup fiber and waveguide lasers.

New interlayer-free bonding technology will be presented at the Paris Air Show

Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena will present their latest developments in the field of aerospace and space at the International Paris Air Show starting June 15th until 21th. With more than 2.200 exhibitors and about 140.000 professional visitors from more than 180 countries it is the key event of the whole industry.

In the range of micro-assembly and system integration researchers of the Fraunhofer IOF take their chance to present the new interlayer-free bonding technology. With direct bonded prism-to-grating advantages compared to conventional joining technologies will be accomplished.

Furthermore, Fraunhofer IOF will present metal optics for grids and bonded components at the International Paris Air Show. This shows their extensive expertise in the field of optical freeform systems, including the whole value chain starting from design until production of the entire system, like telescopes for earth observation.

Andreas Tünnermann receives highly endowed ERC Advanced Grant

In appreciation of his exceptional research Andreas Tünnermann, Professor of Applied Physics, is honored with the “ERC Advanced Grant” by the European Research Council. This award includes a generous research founding of about 2.5 million Euros that will be utilized to intensify fundamental research in fiber lasers.

“Fiber lasers are solid-state lasers based on fiber optics, which are very robust, well amplified and have high efficiencies. Amongst others, they could be used for material processing, medical technology (diagnostics) and in space (measuring technology).” (Institute of Applied Physics)

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