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The Innovation Alliance 3Dsensation aims to change the interaction of human and machine fundamentally.

Freeform Optics Plus is a regional growth core working on the development and commercialization of innovative freeform optical systems.

Research project for setting new standards in miniaturized imaging optics in the fields of consumer electronics, life sciences, automotive and sensors.

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Minister Matschie and State Secretary Staschewski hand over the funding decision for the project "MIDAQ"

18 August 2014

On 18 August 2014 Christoph Matschie, Thuringian Minister for Education, Science and Culture, and Jochen Staschewski, State Secretary in the Thuringian Ministry for Economics, Labour and Technology, visited the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF to hand over the funding decision from the federal state Thuringia of around 1.7 million euros for the project "Miniaturized 3D measurement technologies for automated handling and quality assurance of micro-parts", short "MIDAQ".

The aims of the project are further improvements in the field of micro-assembling and micro handling of complex miniaturized components as well as the development of innovative technologies for quality assurance in production. Furthermore, the scientists meet the challenge to develop a new generation of optical 3D-sensors for automated detection of miniaturized objects.


Tutorial “Freeform Metal Optics” on ICSO 2014

7 - 10 October 2014 / Tenerife, Spain

Scientist of the Fraunhofer IOF will offer a special tutorial session about metal based freeform optics at the »International Conference on Space Optics«.

A growing number of multi- and hyper-spectral imaging devices such as telescopes and spectrometers are based on all reflective metal optics. The sophisticated requirements regarding the precise shape and alignment of the optical elements in the optical beam path have to be considered during design, manufacturing and metrology to reduce the efforts in the time consuming alignment of the mirrors. The tutorial summarizes the fabrication of freeform metal optics from design to system assembly.


The perfect rendezvous: ATV-5 space transporter with technology of the future from Jena

Date 12.8.2014

The ATV-5 is the last European transport vehicle for the time being to reach the ISS. Alongside food for the crew and scientific experiments, two sensor types from Jena are also on board. The next generation of the Rendezvous- and Docking Sensors (RVS) has been deployed for the first time in the form of the newly developed RVS 3000, a 3D LIDAR. The development and manufacturing of this sensor prototype for ATV-5 was conducted for Airbus Defence & Space on behalf of the ESA.

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Optonet Workshop

»Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms«

For the production of optical components and systems, ultra precision manufacturing is of high industrial relevance.

Every two years, scientists and entrepreneurs meet in Jena for a high-class exchange of experiences concerning the latest manufacturing techniques, applications and products in the area of ultra precision manufacturing in the framework of the workshop »Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms«.

This year, the workshop focuses on aspheres, freeforms and metal optics, manufacturing and process issues and advanced applications.

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10th Theme Days on Interfacial and Surface Engineering

In the framework of the 10th Theme Days on Interfacial and Surface Engineering, the 4th Optics Colloquium, jointly organized by the Fraunhofer IOF and Innovent Technologieentwicklung, takes place on 4 September in Leipzig. This year’s four main topics are Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for optics, optical coatings for satellites, organic coatings for optics as well as layer growth, modeling und process control.

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