Solutions with light

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering

Ultra-thin array microscope with integrated illumination compared to a standard microscope

Fraunhofer IOF at Analytica 2014

April 1-4 2014, Messe München I Hall A1, Stand 530 - Fraunhofer-Gemeinschaftsstand

Printed components for lab-on-a-chip systems
The exhibit features components produced by means of digital printing processes (inkjet). Lab-on-a-chip systems facilitate specific chemical and biological analyses using particularly small amounts of liquid for point-of-care applications.
Inkjet-printed structures that are combined with replicated microstructures allow functionalities that are usually realized externally to be integrated on chips. This innovative manufacturing approach enables very flexible and cost-effective processing (disposable chips).


The Fraunhofer IOF has developed ultra-compact optical sensor systems. They have been adapted from insect eyes and allow 3D-high definition picture capturing. Potential applications include spatial recognition of the environment for autonomous driving, 3D-gesture recognition for human-machine interaction, 3D recognition of people and environments for novel security and mobility concepts, recognition of 3D shapes for highly automated production processes and plenoptic cameras.

Head-mounted displays for data glasses

Head-mounted displays (HMD) with see-through feature allow the augmented reality come to reality. Key components of a HMD are micro-display and HMD-optics, which has been developed by the Fraunhofer IOF.

Mini-projector for smartphones

Very small displays sometimes make smartphones difficult to operate. In the future, a projector will help: if a cell phone is standing on a table, for instance, it can project a large-format display onto the table surface. The user will have the option of operating the smartphone via the projection function or from the display screen itself. more