High-speed 3D-measurement system with gobo-projection

Measurement Principle

  • Touchless optical 3D measurement
  • Triangulation-based 3D measurement
  • Stereo vision-based image acquisition using high-speed cameras
  • High-speed projection of aperiodic fringe patterns



  • 3D measurements of highly dynamic situations and large measurement fields
  • In-line 3D measurement techniques
  • 3D sensors integrated in machines
  • Measurement of moving objects
  • Crash test & deformation analysis
  • Measurement of persons
  • Study of human movement (kinesiology)
  • Hand-operated sensors



  • Gobo (Graphical optical blackout)-based high-speed Projection of fringe patterns
  • Measuring principle allows with use of high-speed cameras to record up to 10,000 3D images /s
  • Simultaneous image acquisition with high-speed cameras (at present 400 images / s)
  • Measurement field: 500 x 500 mm2(more on request)
  • Illuminance: 30 klx
  • Measurement distance: 1000 mm (variable)


Our Offer

  • Development and production of measurement systems according to customer specific requirements
  • Process integration of the measurement system
  • Execution of 3D measurement tasks, in particular in highly dynamic situations