Emerging Technologies

In the field of future technologies, research and development at Fraunhofer IOF currently focuses on two thematic areas:


Optical Quantum Technologies

At Fraunhofer IOF, applied research on optical quantum technologies is conducted and solutions for scientific and industrial applications are developed. Applications include tap-proof quantum communication, low-noise quantum imaging systems and advanced ion traps for quantum computers.


Active Optics

At Fraunhofer IOF, deformable mirrors are being developed to actively influence the wavefront in order to improve the system properties in a targeted manner. Our expertise is used for systems of laser and quantum communication between ground stations and geostationary satellites, for compensation of image perturbations in space telescopes or for focus adaptation and focus tracking in laser material processing.


Optical Quantum Technologies

Quantum communication, quantum imaging


Actives Optics

Deformable mirrors and mirror mounts