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New 3D sensor scans transparent objects

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Coating for EUV lithography #

Joint development by ZEISS, TRUMPF and Fraunhofer IOF awarded with German Future Prize

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Addressing optics for quantum computers#

Fraunhofer IOF developed laser-based addressing optics for the EU project "AQTION". The aim is to significantly advance applied research on quantum computing.

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"3D-Kosyma" for quality assurance#

Robot assistant learns to understand human gestures

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Mercury probe with spectrometer explores Venus in a flyby#

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Optically cooled fused silica#

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Hybrid Materials for the Preparation of Stochastic Nanostructures#

The Fraunhofer IOF realizes broadband antireflective coatings on glass using AR-plas2®.

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Bio-Functional Surfaces#

The Fraunhofer IOF develops structured surfaces with chemical functionalization, e.g. to specifically influence the colonization behavior of cells on surfaces.

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3D-Inkjet Printing of Optical Components#

The Fraunhofer IOF develops a manufacturing process whose digital character makes it possible to manufacture individualized optical components flexibly and inexpensively.

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Array Microscope with Sub-Micrometer Resolution#

The Fraunhofer IOF presents a new approach in which many microscope objectives are arranged in parallel in order to increase the imaged object area or, alternatively, to enable the resolution of very small structures.

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In-Line 3D Measurement of Honeycomb Catalysts#

The Fraunhofer IOF builds complete systems for 3D measurement according to customer requirements.

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Areas of Competence#

The Fraunhofer IOF conducts application-oriented research in the field of photonics and develops innovative optical systems for the control of light. The institute covers the entire photonic process chain in its competencies.

Fraunhofer IOF - News#

Measures for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic

To contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Fraunhofer IOF is implementing the current official guidelines as well as its own measures: Accordingly, business trips are currently limited to the most necessary. Visits to the institute are only permitted in urgent cases. Our employees, however, work - where possible - in a home office. We therefore ask you to contact them preferably by e-mail. In case of problems, please contact our central telephone number: +49 3641 / 807-0 . Despite these restrictions, the Institute will continue to operate.

We wish you, your relatives and your employees all the best. Stay healthy!

Foundation stone laid

The Fraunhofer IOF gets a new research building and space for new research work. On July 15, the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone took place with selected representatives from politics and science.

Event for students and doctoral candidates

Fraunhofer IOF and the Max Planck School of Photonics invite students to the virtual international career and networking event on September 29-30 Registration is open.


New quantum research network

Thuringia is funding a new competence network for quantum technologies with six million euros. The opening of the "Quantum Hub Thüringen" took place on May 31.

Fraunhofer IOF – Beutenberg Campus – City of Light Jena#

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF

07745 Jena
Beutenberg Campus
Albert-Einstein-Str. 7

Photonics –
Made in Jena

The Fraunhofer IOF conducts application-oriented research in the field of optical systems engineering on behalf of its clients in industry and within publicly-funded collaborative projects.

The field of optical system engineering enables the step from specific optical, mechanical and electronic components to optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic modules and systems with complex functionalities. The objective is to control light, from its generation to its application. In this context, the sustainable energy-efficient use of light – "Green Photonics" – plays a special role for the Fraunhofer IOF, particularly with regard to the Fraunhofer innovation cluster.

Current research projects#


The QuNET initiative develops highly secure communication systems based on state-of-the-art quantum technology.


A regional alliance of industry and research aims to build a quantum-inspired, omnifunctional fiber sensor platform to provide customized fully integrated sensor solutions for broad applications in diverse markets.


Freeform Optics Plus is a regional growth core working on the development and commercialization of innovative freeform optical systems for UV-VIS-IR applications.


The Cluster of Excellence Advanced Photon Sources CAPS under the leadership of the Fraunhofer ILT and the Fraunhofer IOF conducts research on laser sources and process technology for outputs up to 20 kW.