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Arrayed Projector for Displaying Graphics on the Street

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Entangled photon pair source for secure quantum communication

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Measuring Thermal Load in Presence of Transversal Mode Instabilities

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Real-Time Scanner for Robot Interaction

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Compact Multispectral Array-Camera

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May 15, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

„Research in the Group“ science award 2018

For the advancement of a new free-form technology, Dr. rer. nat. Ramona Eberhardt of the Fraunhofer IOF has received the "Research in the Group" science award 2018.


May 15-17, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Optatec 2018

At Optatec Fraunhofer IOF will present the new AR-plas2 antireflective coating and freeform optics. We also show robot-based sensors and much more (hall 3, booth F 14).

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Photonics – Made in Jena

The Fraunhofer IOF conducts application-oriented research in the field of optical systems engineering on behalf of its clients in industry and within publicly-funded collaborative projects.

The field of optical system engineering enables the step from specific optical, mechanical and electronic components to optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic modules and systems with complex functionalities. The objective is to control light, from its generation to its application. In this context, the sustainable energy-efficient use of light – "Green Photonics" – plays a special role for the Fraunhofer IOF, particularly with regard to the Fraunhofer innovation cluster.

Current projects


Tailored Optical Fibers

18 companies and three research institutions have teamed up in the Innovative Regional Growth Core ›Tailored Optical Fibers‹ [TOF] to develop and market tailored optical fibers for future applications.



The Innovation Alliance 3Dsensation aims to change the interaction of human and machine fundamentally.



Freeform Optics Plus is a regional growth core working on the development and commercialization of innovative freeform optical systems.



Research project for setting new standards in miniaturized imaging optics in the fields of consumer electronics, life sciences, automotive and sensors.