Optical and Mechanical System Design

Central competence and basis of all developments at Fraunhofer IOF are optical and mechanical design as well as the simulation and analysis of optical and opto-mechanical systems including thermal and thermo-
optical effects. The use of comprehensive design and modeling tools allows the simulation and optimization of optics and systems made of metal, glass or plastic - from micro-optics to astronomical telescopes, from
laser systems to quantum optics. For this purpose, refractive and reflective as well as diffractive systems, spherical, aspherical, and freeform optical components, fiber-optical and quantum-optical components, gratings up to microlens arrays are calculated.


The focus is on micro-optical systems, high-performance and special optics - from automotive to space. These systems are also realized and characterized after design and simulation.


Optics design

Optics design at Fraunhofer IOF encompasses the entire spectrum from diffractive and refractive optical elements all the way to components for integrated optics...

Mechanical design

Mechanical design and its combination with optical design are among the key competencies at Fraunhofer IOF...

System design

The Fraunhofer IOF offers the full development of an optical system from a single source: from the idea to the prototype to system integration...

Simulation and analysis

The Fraunhofer IOF carries out both optical and mechanical simulations and analyses of components and systems. A range of functions and processes...