Software Library

Different commercial design, analysis, and design programs are used in the development of optical systems.

  • Optical design programs: ASAP, OSLO, ZEMAX, Zelum, VOL, GLAD, OPTI_BPM, OPTI_FDTD, FIMMWAVE, JCMWave, ATSOS, GratingSolver, Unigit, FRED, SPEOS
  • Raytracing: ZEMAX; OSLO; ASAP; TracePro, LucidShape
  • Propagation of waves: VirtualLab 4, GLAD
  • Grating calculation: UNIGIT, GSolver
  • CAD-programs: ProEngineer, Rhino, AutoCad, Inventor
  • FEM-Simulation for stress, temperature, structure analysis with ANSYS
  • Various image processing software
Also, problem-specific add-ons such as macros and data interfaces are used to extend the functionality of the software.

Metrological software

  • Software for surface construction and quality control: Raindrop, VG Studio max: VolumeGraphics, Polyworks Software: Duwe 3D, Geomagic Software: Geomagic Ltd.
  • Roughness analysis software: Mark III
  • Software for numerical analysis: MATLAB
  • Thin-layer design: OptiLayer, Essential Macleod, Film Wizard
  • Thin-layer characterization: OptiChar, OptiRE, Essential Macleod, Film Wizard, Refsim, Laptos, LCalc
  • Light scattering analysis: CalcScat
  • Mechanical characteristics: FilmDoctor

    Tools for coating design and numerical analysis

  • Layer design: OptiLayer, Film Wizard, Film Star, Essential Macleod, each with specially developed add-ons
  • Layer characterization: OptiChar, W-VASE32, Matlab Simulink, LabView
  • Computational manufacturing software for the development of process strategies
  • Software for the simulation of angle-resolved and total scattered light of interference layer systems (vector scattering theory)
  • Software for multi-scale fusion of roughness data from different measuring methods