Unsolicited application at Fraunhofer IOF

Take the initiative!


If you have not found a position that suits you among our current job offers, please feel free to send us a speculative application via our online job portal. We are looking for new talents who are interested in a professional career at a renowned research institute in the field of optics and photonics.


How to send your speculative application to the right place:

Send us your speculative application including a cover letter and your CV via our online job portal. (For technical reasons, please refrain from sending us your application by e-mail).

Please indicate in your cover letter which department(s) you are interested in when sending us your speculative application for a student assistant job, an internship or theses.

In order to get a better picture of you and your qualifications, we would also be pleased to receive your certificates (e.g., university diploma, if applicable a current transcript of academic record, work references/internship evaluations, school-leaving certificate and, if applicable, training certificate).


Take the first step and apply for your desired position via our job advertisements.

I am looking for a position as a scientific or technical employee


Apply at Fraunhofer IOF and immerse yourself in versatile research projects. Research solutions that will shape the future in both industry and science.

Take the initiative! 

Speculative application to an individual department


For speculative applications, please select a department based on your area of interest.


Speculative application to several departments

If your qualifications and research interests match more than one department, we ask you to apply for each department individually for technical reasons. To do so, upload a cover letter for each department separately. 

I would like to do a PhD and work at the same time


We offer PhD students an inspiring mix of application-oriented research, contract research and further training. You will find more information about doing a PhD with Fraunhofer in the flyer.

Speculative application

Our scientific departments look forward to receiving applications from PhD candidates. Please apply individually to the departments and follow the instructions for speculative applications for scientific and technical staff.

I would like to write a thesis at Fraunhofer IOF


You are looking for a topic for your thesis and want to create practical added value? Don't write your thesis to disappear in a drawer - come to us! We offer state-of-the-art technology as well as exciting thesis topics relevant to current research.

Speculative application

Apply to our scientific departments according to your preferred research area (overview).

I am looking for a job as a student assistant


We offer exciting and versatile tasks for student assistants. This way, you will gain valuable practical experience at a renowned research institute during your time at university and build a professional network for your career.

Speculative application

The following departments offer jobs for student assistants: our scientific departments  (overview), the department "Technology" (area electrical or industrial mechanics), "Strategy, Organization, Communications" and the administration. 

I am looking for an internship


Looking for an internship? Contact us!

We are always pleased to hear from interested young professionals and would be happy to provide you with exciting insights into the work at a research institute. 

Speculative application

The following departments offer jobs for student assistants: our scientific departments  (overview), the department "Technology" (area electrical or industrial mechanics), "Strategy, Organization, Communications" and the administration. 

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Create an account in the online job portal. Under options you will find job notifications. Enter "Jena" (or "Erfurt" for the Fraunhofer Center MEOS) as location in the search criteria to receive job offers from us.

Our research areas at Fraunhofer IOF


We conduct application-oriented research and development along the entire photonic innovation chain. Our highly trained scientists never lose sight of our research partners’ and customers’ mission, regardless of whether the goal is the scientific exploration of space or the transfer to commercial exploitation.


Optical and Mechanical System Design

Optics design, Mechanical design, Simulation and analysis, System design

Micro- and Nano-structured Optics

Gray tone lithography, Electron beam lithography, Reactive ion etching, Step & repeat replication, Wafer scale micro optical systems


Opto-mechatronical Components and Systems

Hardware/software for quantum technologies, microassembly, packaging technologies, hybrid system integration, interlayer bonding technologies, 3D printing


Precision Optical Components and Systems

Diamonds are used to produce metal optics at Fraunhofer IOF. The scientists exploit the mechanical and thermal properties of diamond to produce...


Functional Surfaces and Coatings

Coating devices, Design of optical layer systems, EUV- and X-ray multilayers, VUV-, NIR- and VIS-layers, Plastic coating, Transparent and conductible coatings, Stochastic structures for antireflection

Laser and Fiber Technology

Assembly and joining technology for fiber lasers and fiber optics, Fiber-based amplification of laser sources, Q-switched microchip lasers, Fiber optics, Resonator design, Fiber technology

Imaging and Sensing

3D-measurement, Optics characterization, Surface and thin film characterization, Terahertz-measurement methods, Metrological computer tomography


Emerging Technologies

We enable revolutionary applications in science and industry with innovative solutions using new technologies, such as those from the field of quantum physics.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are happy to assist you with any inquiries regarding the application process or the online job portal.

For technical reasons, please refrain from submitting applications by e-mail. Our online job portal is available for applications. Thank you very much!

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