Areas of Competence


Design and Simulation

Optics design, Mechanical design, Simulation and analysis, System design

Micro and Nano-structuring

Photolithography, Laser beam lithography, Functional material printing, Stochastic structures for antireflection, Electron beam lithography, UV molding, Combination of lithography, dry etching and molding, Technologies for producing molding tools

Optics and Photonics Materials

Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic cristals, Micro-optics materials, Silicon optics

Coating and Surface Functionalization

Coating devices, Design of optical layer systems, EUV- and X-ray multilayers, VUV-, NIR- and VIS-layers, Plastic coating, Transparent and conductible coatings, Stochastic structures for antireflection

Diamond-Based Ultra-Precision Processing

Diamonds are used to produce metal optics at Fraunhofer IOF. The scientists exploit the mechanical and thermal properties of diamond to produce...

Materials processing using ultrashort laser pulses

Ultrashort pulse lasers with pulse duration in the range of a few picoseconds or femtoseconds show great use potential for the highly-precise structuring...

Micro-Assembly and System Integration

Bonding technologies, Hybrid integration, Microassembly and packaging technologies for microoptical systems, Handling, positioning, alignment, Wafer-level-optics, System integration

Laser Development and Non-Linear Optics

Assembly and joining technology for fiber lasers and fiber optics, Fiber-based amplification of laser sources, Q-switched microchip lasers, Fiber optics, Resonator design, Fiber technology

Measurement Methods and Characterization

3D-measurement, Optics characterization, Surface and thin film characterization, Terahertz-measurement methods, Metrological computer tomography

Optical Quantum

Enabling revolutionary applications in science and industry with innovative solutions using optical quantum technologies