Public Workshop:
"Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms"

Fraunhofer IOF is one of the leading research institutes in the field of ultra-precision manufacturing of aspheres and freeforms.

Ultraprecision manufacturing is of high industrial relevance for a variety of applications in the optical industry and opens up a high potential for unique optical system solutions.

Every two years, experts from research and industry meet at the OptoNet Workshop: "Ultraprecision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms" to discuss current trends and research results in design, manufacturing, testing and replication of optical freeforms. Considerable attention will be given to the presentation of new developments in ultra-precision machine and metrology technology.

Technical presentations and an accompanying exhibition will provide comprehensive information opportunities. Networking of national and international players in ultra-precision manufacturing of high-performance optics is an important goal of the event.

The event organization for the biennial workshop is in the hands of our network partner OptoNet e.V.

The next workshop will take place in September 2024. The exact date of the next workshop will be announced here and on our social media channels.


Course of Events

The next workshop will take place in September 2024. The exact date of the next workshop will be announced here and on our social media channels.

The program/agenda will be new every year with different contributions around the topic of ultra precision manufacturing of aspheres and freeform optics. The topics are diverse, such as design, manufacturing, metrology, system solutions with free-form optics.

Example agenda/program from 2022:

Day 1

  • Welcoming & Retrospect
  • Keynote
  • Part I · Scientific Freeform Optics Projects
  • Part II · Manufacturing Technologies
  • Evening Event

Day 2

  • Part III · Freeform Systems and Applications
  • Farewell
Freeform formed lenses.

Contact and Information


If you have further questions, please contact our cooperation partner OptoNet e.V.

OptoNet e.V. will support you with your requests about the workshop program, as well as the booking process.


Example Agenda from 2022


To illustrate this, we present the example program from 2022, which took place in this form. The current program for 2024 will also be published here as soon as it is announced.

Day 1

12:00 pm Welcoming & Retrospect
Anke Siegmeier, OptoNet, Germany

12:30 pm KEYNOTE
Grating Technology for Space Instruments at IOF: Status and Prospects
Uwe Zeitner, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany


1:00 pm Part I · Scientific Freeform Optics Projects

Research highlights from CeFO, the Center for Freeform Optics
Tom Suleski, UNC Charlotte Center for Freeform Optics, USA

Free your mind – Form your optics: The fo+ Alliance
Sven Kiontke, asphericon GmbH, Germany

The new era for free-form micro-optics: story of a unique pilot line
Jessica van Heck, PHABULOuS Pilot Line Association, Switzerland


2:30 pm Exhibition & Coffee Break


3:00 pm Part II · Manufacturing Technologies

Ultra precision polishing asphere and freeform optics by robot ccp
Xuejun Zhang, Changchun Institute of Optics (CIOMP), China

Manufacturing blazed metallic freeform gratings with commercial machines
Cyril Bourgenot, Christopher Graham, John Girkin, Precision Optics Laboratory, University of Durham, UK

Manufacturing of Functional Surfaces by Diamond Machining
Lars Schönemann, Oltmann Riemer, Leibniz-IWT, Germany

Enabling New Materials in Ultra Precision Machining Through Ultrasonic Assistance
Benjamin Bulla, son‑x, Germany

Form Error Compensation of Freeform Surfaces Machined by Diamond Turning
Christopher Morgan, Moore Nanotechnology Systems, USA

Freeform Optics Fabrication with Atmospheric Plasmajets
Hendrik Paetzelt, Trionplas Technologies GmbH, Germany


5:00 pm Exhibition & Coffee Break


7:00 pm Evening Event

Volksbad, Knebelstraße 10, Jena.
Andreas Tünnermann, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany


Day 2:

8:30 am Part III · Freeform Systems and Applications

Using Aspherical Optics: SENTINEL‑4 A Geostationary Imaging UVN Spectrometer for Air Quality Monitoring
Giorgio Bagnasco, ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk, Netherlands

Satellite-based Quantum Communication: Applications of High-Performance Optical Systems
Fabian Steinlechner, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

The Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer DESIS on board of the International Space Station
Ingo Walter, DLR, Institute of Optical Sensor Systems, Germany

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Optical Systems for Space
Nils Heidler, Enrico Hilpert, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

High productive machining of large scale free form mirrors
Christian Wenzel, Innolite, Germany

Benefits and Learning Objectives


This workshop offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of free-form optics, learn about current developments and learn from experts on various important topics. In particular, this course will enable participants to:

  • Learn more about the challenges and opportunities of free-form optics.
  • Gain insights into metrology for aspheres and free-form optics.
  • Discover ultra-precision manufacturing technologies
  • Learn more about medium frequency surface defects
  • Learn more about materials for free-form optics
  • Get an overview of metal optics from components to systems
  • Learn more about the assembly of freeform optics
  • Discover visions for new applications and products

Fees and Booking


Ticket Fee

The current fee for the workshop (2-day ticket) will be posted on the website as soon as the new program is published.



The booking and further support of the participants will be done directly by OptoNet. As soon as the new program is fixed, the booking will be activated on the OptoNet website. After your registration via the OptoNet booking page, you will receive a binding confirmation of participation by e-mail.



After full payment has been confirmed, you will receive a final confirmation email for your participation in our workshop. Please save this email as proof of your registration.



Please inform the organizer OptoNet e.V. about cancellations as soon as possible. The deadlines and cancellation fees can be found on their Website.


Target Group


The workshop is primarily aimed at engineers and scientists working in the field of development and production of aspheres and freeforms, working on challenging projects and wishing to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of optical systems.

The program will be held at the Beutenberg Campus in Jena by leading international experts in the field of ultra-precision machining.

A total of approx. 150 places are available for our workshop.

The Organizers

The workshop is a joint event of OptoNet e.V. and Fraunhofer IOF.

OptoNet e.V.


The network sees itself as representing the interests of stakeholders from industry and research and is actively committed to maintaining and expanding international competitiveness. Currently, about 120 members from industry and research belong to the network, which offers various workshops and events around photonics to strengthen technological competence.

OptoNet e.V. is responsible for the organization of the workshop. If you have any organizational questions, please contact OptoNet e.V. directly

Nora Kirsten
OptoNet e.V.
+49 3641 327 92 90

Fraunhofer IOF


The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena conducts applied research in the field of photonics and develops innovative optical systems to control light – from generation and manipulation to its application. The services offered by the Institute cover the entire photonic process chain from optomechanical and optoelectronic system design to manufacturing of custom-specific solutions and prototypes.

The Fraunhofer department "Precision Optical Components and Systems" is responsible for the conceptional design of the workshop and is the contact for individual inquiries regarding the realization of projects in the field of ultra-precision processing.

Production of a freeform optic.