Imaging and Sensing

Fraunhofer IOF develops innovative optical measurement methods and systems according to customer-specific requirements. This includes optical 3D measurement systems with high metrological accuracy for a wide range of applications. Measurement volumes from a few cubic centimeters
to several cubic meters can be acquired with measurement frequencies of up to 55,000 3D data sets per second.

Furthermore, miniaturized micro-optical imaging systems based on single- and multi-aperture systems are developed and realized. The production can be performed on a wafer-scale and can be implemented directly on an industrial level.

Fraunhofer IOF also holds a wide variety of optical and non-optical measuring systems. Examples are interferometers using CGHs (Computer Generated Holograms) as well as a computer tomograph with a resolution down to the micrometer range.



The Fraunhofer IOF designs and realizes optical 3D measuring systems for various applications on the basis of...

Optics characterization

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Metrological computer tomography

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