Optical 3D measurement technology is a versatile tool which is established in many areas of industry and research. Due to the use of significantly slower projection systems, its applications have mostly been limited to static measurement tasks. However the new high speed projection system, developed at Fraunhofer IOF, will overcome those former limitations. It is based on a powerful gas discharge lamp and a specially adapted, rotating pattern mask. The pattern sequences required for fast measurement can be projected onto the observed scene at very high frame rates. Combined with a high-speed stereo camera system the system is capable of extreme high 3D measurement rates.

A 40 bar nitrogen jet from a cold gas system hitting a cushion

The IOF technology achieves 3D rates of up to 50,000 data records per second, each with over 200,000 measuring points on the surface of the examined object. This leads to an recording rate of 12,000 3D data records per second. The flexible measuring system is therefore suitable for the investigation of extremely fast processes, such as crash tests or material analyses under extreme conditions. Even the unfolding of an airbag with duration of approximately 30 milliseconds can be inspected with several hundred 3D data sets.

Airbag deployment in 3D – an example of a high-speed measurement