Characterization of optical components and systems

During the development of optical systems it is necessary to characterize single components as well as complete systems. Corresponding  measurement techniques are necessary, which provide an interface to the optical design software. The following measurement methods are available:


Characterization of light sources and self-luminous displays (OLEDs)

  • Angle and spectral (300 - 1000 nm) dependency of emission in far and  near field
  • Measurement of LED‘s according to CIE-127
  • Space resolved luminance measurement
  • Illuminance measurement with integrating sphere
  • Export of all data to the optical design programs ASAP, ZEMAX or FRED


Characterization of single lenses and objective lenses


Interface optical design / experimental verification

  • Realization of basic experiments for newly developed optical components and systems
  • Comparison of experimental results with optical simulation


Analysis of scattered and disturbed light

  • Analysis of scattered and stray light in optical systems (with ASAP, ZEMAX and FRED) with link to light scatter measurement
  • Simulation of scatter behavior