Hydrophilic bonding for amorphous and crystalline heavy-duty optics


Mineralic bonding technology „at the nanoscale“ for glasses and transparent crystalline materials, ultra-thin and hightemperature adequate for heavy-duty applications.


  • Oxidic materials, in particular with high contents of SiO2 or Al2O3
  • Extremely smooth (polished) surfaces roughness < 1 nm RMS*
  • Surfaces of high fl atness or conform, fl atness at least λ/10 PV*

      * λ: wavelength (@ 632 nm)
      PV: peak-to-valley
      RMS: root-mean-square

Bond characteristics

  • Full transparency (bonding area is “invisible”)
  • No uncontrolled creep / drift under mechanical load
  • No outgassing at elevated temperatures
  • No stress from thermal mismatch at temperature drifts (for identical materials)
  • Assembly of individual parts without gap „accurate to gauge blocks“


  • UV, VIS and IR-Optics (in transmission and refl ection)
  • Laser applications (beam guidance, cooling)
  • Space applications (extremely stable integrated optics)