Multi aperture camera-optics on wafer-level (ultra-thin camera)

Technical concept

  • Array of miniaturized cameras using a microlens array on image sensor (CMOS)
  • Each microlens images different part of field of view
  • Pitch difference enables different viewing directions of each optical channel
  • Partial image stitching by electronic image processing
  • Channel-wise adapted microlenses for correction of aberrations
  • Optical isolation of channels for the suppression of optical crosstalk


Exemplary parameters

Total track length 1.4 mm
Image resolution
700 x 550
Microlens diameter
375 μm
F-number (F/#)
Field of view
58° x 46°
Pixel pitch
3.2 μm


Wafer-scale technology

  • Origination of lens arrays by reflow of photo-resist or laser lithography
  • Structuring of aperture arrays on thin glass substrate (lithography)
  • Wafer stacking and bonding
  • UV-molding of lens arrays in UV polymer
  • Dicing and assembly with CMOS imager


Our work

  • Optical design, prototyping and characterization of microoptical imaging systems for custom-specific applications
  • Provide imaging solutions for tightest working spaces


Typical applications

  • Consumer electronics
  • Machine vision
  • Sensors (e.g. automotive)
  • Security and surveillance

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