Single aperture imaging systems at wafer level

Optical design

  • Optical design, taking into account technological constraints (wafer level production using UV replication, polymer injection molding, GRIN lenses etc.)
  • Analysis of tolerances, stray light, thermal behavior


Prototype production

Wafer level:

  • Component production based on UV replication
  • Creation of array-like replication masters using repeated molding of an ultra-precision-processed single lens spot (step&repeat process)

Hybrid integration:

  • Combinations of various lens materials (polymer, glass, GRIN) using adapted joining processes (bonding, laser welding); active and passive assembly



Determination of optical system parameters (focal length, MTF, relative image brightness etc.) of single objectives or objectives at wafer level.


Our work

Design, prototype production and characterization of microoptical imaging optics for customized applications.