Metal coatings for optical applications


In optical coating technologies, metals are indispensable coating materials for a multitude of applications. For example, broadband reflectors with the highest reflectivity can only be realized with metal coatings. Semi-transparent metal films can be applied as beamsplitters with low polarisation. In micro-optics, optical dense metal coatings are used as masks or apertures. Further applications take advantage of properties such as good adhesion, corrosion resistance, or a high melting temperature of metals.



  • Highly reflective and durable Al-, Ag-, and Au-layer systems
  • Optical dense metal coatings
  • Semi-transparent metal coatings
  • Black metal coatings
  • Solderable coatings
  • Multitude of available coating materials: Au, Pt, Pd, Ru, W, Ag, Al, Mo, Ta, La, Cu, Ti, Ni, Cr, NiCr, Zr, Hf, Nb,…
  • Thickness accuracy: ∆d/d < 1%
  • Coatable substrate size up to:
  • 500 x 500 mm2 possible
  • Deposition onto various substrate materials


Our offer

  • Development of metal coatings and metal-dielectric coatings
  • Optimization of coating properties (stress, roughness, optical properties, electrical properties) according to customer specification
  • Prototype coatings