Structurable coatings for microoptical applications


The manufacture of scales, benchmarks, reticles, apertures and calibration standards is a very important area of practical optics. These microstructures are commonly applied in industrial image processing, medical engineering, microscopy, sports and military optics, metrology and in photographic cameras.

New applications require structurable coatings with new or enhanced optical or mechanical properties.



  • Deposition of structurable chromium coatings
  • Reflectivity-reduced chromium coatings for single wavelengths from UV- to IR spectral range
  • Reflectivity-reduced chromium coatings for various broad wavelength ranges
  • Coating deposition onto photoresists
  • Coatable substrate size: up to 500 x 500 x 100 mm3
  • Deposition onto various substrate materials


Our work

  • Development of new or enhanced structurable optical coatings
  • Adaption of coating properties to requirements of various applications
  • Characterization and testing of new coating materials
  • Prototype coatings