Fiber Designs, Fiber Concepts

Experience over many years with photonic crystal fibers, a full command of modern simulation technology and experimental investigation methods are the basis of the successful development of fiber and waveguide lasers.

Full vectorial simulation tools enable all waveguide structures to be modeled as well as calculation of the associated mode profiles with propagation losses.

We possess particular expertise in the field of active large core fibers. Starting with the development of new fiber designs, these fibers are used and investigated in ultramodern high-performance laser systems. A particular focus lies in ensuring base mode operation, even with the largest mode field areas. This is a condition for ultrashort pulse laser systems with the highest output power.


Advanced fiber designs comprise the following concepts:

  • New photonic crystal fiber designs
  • Tailored optical features
  • Polarizing Fibers
  • rod-type fibers
  • Multi-core fibers
  • High power fibers
  • Low nonlinear fibers

Numerical simulations:

  • Simulation of optical, mechanical and thermical features
  • FEM-simulations
  • Modal analysis
  • Simulation of beam and pulse propagation
  • Nonlinear propagation
  • Constant and variable solid state laser dynamic


Laser- and amplifier design:   

  • Spectral beam combination
  • Ultra short pulse laser and amplifier
  • Q-switched laser
  • Frequency conversion systems (HHG, OPO, OPA)