High-efficient LED-illumination devices

Our Competence

  • Complete systems
  • Problem analysis
  • Optical Design for customized beam shaping
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • System integration


Different Available Devices

I -Base-

This small, functional device benefits technical illumination applications without a need for dynamic light modulations. It creates a homogeneous spot with tailored shape and size.

II -Advanced-

This device adds the possibility to tune colour and brightness of the  resulting spot. It is delivered with a separated power-supply.

III -Pro-

For higher requirements concerning brightness and to realize colour-effects this device fits to your demands. It is delivered together with PWM-Control  and LED-tuning software.

IV -Flex-

This device includes all conceivable features in one nice compact product: PC-Interface, DC-Light and high brightness.


Configuration Level I II III IV
DC operation x x   x
Color matching   x x x
Brightness control   x x x
PC interface     x x
Software included