Design of metallic mirrors for telescopes


Similar to ground based optics, space applications have high mechanical and thermal requirements. In order to image space objects with high accuracy, mirror systems (telescopes) are required which offer a maximum of stability and shape accuracy. Furthermore, they must resist the forces present during rocket launch, and they must work in sustained continuous operation.

These characteristics can be achieved using mirrors from special metal alloys.



  • Design of athermal, mechanically stable and simultaneously mass-reduced mirror and telescope structures
  • Simulation of mirror design variants using finite elements method
  • Testing of mirror behavior under mechanical and thermal loads as well as manufacturing loads is possible
  • Use of thermally adapted aluminum alloys for minimizing thermal phenomena


Our work

  • Production of planar, spherical and aspherical mirrors using diamond processing and polishing technology
  • Finishing of mirrors with special, patented coating systems for optimum reflection in the desired spectral range
  • Development of lightweight solutions for mirrors
  • Complex surfaces can be processed with accuracy of form