High-speed 3D-measurement with LED-based multiaperture fringe projection

Measurement Principle

  • LED-based multi-aperture fringe projection and stereoscopic image acquisition
  • High-speed pattern projection due to LED switching time in ms range



  • Robust measurement system due to monolithic setup of the projection system
  • Application dependet size increase / decrease of multiaperture projection system possible, combined with adjustment of luminous power


Our Offer

  • Realization of custom-specific high-speed 3D measurement systems
  • In-line 3D measurement techniques
  • Process integration
  • Execution of 3D measurement tasks, also in high dynamic situations


System Parameters

  • Projector size: 105 x 80 x 45 mm³
  • Power consumption: < 100 W
  • Measurement field: 300 x 300 mm2
  • Measurement distance: currently 1000 mm (other on request)
  • Pattern refresh rate: up to 3 kHz
  • 3D frame rate: up to 500 Hz