Construction of Special-Purpose Machines

High-end optics such as photographic lenses, microscopes or inspection optics by globally known brand-name manufacturers are the epitome of premium products “Made in Germany”.

High-performance optics can only be competitive on the international stage with precisely reproducible assembly of the mounted individual lenses to the objective. The quality is significantly determined by the exact centering and positioning of the objective lenses. On the basis of these facts, the principle of alignment turning, i.e. the precision machining of the lens mounts in relation to the optical axis of the lens, and the principle of alignment milling are scientifically studied and developed.

Together with leading companies in the optics industry, a higher level of precision could be achieved in the BMBF joint project, “FERMI”, and at the same time all the components of the automatic alignment device were raised to a new technical level. This marked the start of development of customized alignment turning machines at IOF. Current challenges such as the increased use of aspheres and free-form elements in optical systems require further development of the alignment turning technology.

That’s why the Fraunhofer IOF is currently researching new approaches to alignment turning and milling as part of the Thuringian cluster “Green Photonics” and within AIF/precision engineering/optics.


Our work:

  • Alignment turning machine
  • Alignment milling machine
  • Exposure technology