Rotation scanner for beam deflection


The demand for optomechanical systems for laser beam deflection has been constantly rising in recent years. Reflection and transmission optics with ever higher speeds are being operated. The consequence of this is growing expectations on service lives and accuracy. By linking conventional manufacturing processes with the benefits of ultra-precision processing, rotation scanners with high accuracy and precise running behavior can be produced.



  • Air bearing ensures high running accuracy and deflection quality
  • Self-centering with spherical bearing principle
  • Static and dynamic applications up to 60000 min-1 can be realized
  • Diamond-processed mirrors with optical quality
  • Thermal stability with αmin-materials
  • Maintenance-free, no-wear and low-noise operation
  • Long service life


Our work

  • Design, simulation and production of rotation scanners
  • Calculation and integration of optical modules in transmission and reflection
  • Precision balancing with balancing qualities better than DIN ISO 1490
  • Processing of polygon mirrors at the rotor using ultra-precision processing
  • Metrological characterization of scanners with regard to running behaviour and long-term stability