Equipment for Lithography

Precision engineering and optical components and systems are developed at Fraunhofer IOF for the next generation of lithography technologies, such as EUV and multibeam electron-beam technology. Focal areas of development are the design of components and systems with athermal properties made of low expansion materials such as ZERODUR, ULE glass or ceramics, as well as the vacuum-compliant design of systems for high vacuums to ultrahigh vacuums. The modern assemblies and systems are typically brought to the demonstrator stage and analysed using special test bays with regard to optical, mechanical or thermal properties.

The following components and systems are currently in development:

  • Electrostatic chucks and vacuum chucks
  • Mask and wafer substrate holders
  • Metrology systems
  • Electrostatic deflecting systems for corpuscular radiation
  • Tabletop systems for metrology and lithography (standard atmosphere and vacuum)