Design of an infrared camera for the Skinakas observatory


Under a contract with the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) a camera for the near infrared spectral region (900 nm – 2500 nm) was developed and built by IOF. Since May 2006 the camera has been working at the 1.3 m telescope of the University of Crete on the Skinakas summit.



  • Three-mirror system enables highly efficient scattered light suppression with a cooled aperture placed in front of one of the mirrors used.
  • By modifying the optics design and with the use of aspherical mirrors, diffraction-limited imaging could be realized
  • To ensure the alignment of the optics is maintained when cooling, an athermal design with metal mirrors was selected
  • Production of the mirrors with single-point diamond processing
  • To select important wavelength ranges, a filter wheel with 8 filters for use in vacuum at 77 K and associated control electronics was designed and built.