Waveguide Design and Analysis


The design of integrated optical components requires a series of software tools based on different numeric methods.

For the eigenmode calculation, finite-difference and finite-element methods, mode matching and transfer matrix processes are employed, using which cylindrical refraction index profiles can also be processed.

For the field propagation, the following are used:

  • Beam propagation methods
  • Mode propagation
  • Finite-difference time-domain methods

Raytracing processes are used for multimode designs.

Programs, macros and interface routines developed in-house are used for the following tasks:

  • Optimizing waveguide switches
  • Analysis of experimental data with measurement of diffraction index distribution of waveguide configurations
  • Modeling of various physical aspects
  • Thermo-optical waveguide components
  • Design of hybrid systems from micro-optical and integrated optical components



  • WDM and DWDM components based on various waveguide types and materials (step index, gradient index etc.)
  • 3D waveguide fan-out for optical HF signal summation
  • 1xN and NxM distributors in cascades 1x2 and star configurations
  • Planar waveguides in polymer materials
  • Reduction of cross-talk attenuation in switching networks
  • Anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguides
  • Inclusion of measurements of refraction index distribution determined using RNF in the development of waveguide switches
  • Waveguide arrays for fluorescence detection
  • Biosensors with surface plasmon polariton excitation
  • Diffractive beam shaping in semiconductor broad-area waveguide lasers


Our work

  • Design of passive and active waveguide components on the basis of modern software tools and longstanding design experience
  • Support in the development of waveguide components with mask layout, prototype development of polymer waveguides, waveguide characterization
  • Electrode design for waveguide components, e.g. modulators and switches
  • Complex analysis of waveguide components, e.g. for thermo-optical applications
  • Facilitation of contact with potential manufacturers
  • Consulting services