Design of microoptcal elements and systems


The design of free-space micro-optical systems is based on commercially available design software. The following tools are used:

  • Raytracer: ZEMAX, OSLO, ASAP, TracePro, LucidShape
  • Wave propagation: VirtualLab 4, GLAD
  • Grating design: UNIGIT, GSolver

If required, specific add-on’s like macros and interfaces extend the capabilities of these design tools.



  • Complex micro-optical systems for sensors, scanner and switches
  • LED illumination optics
  • Diffractive laser resonators
  • Imaging Systems (visualization)
  • Objective lenses for CCD-cameras (single-aperture, multi-aperture insect eye waferscale)


Our work

  • Complete designs based on raytracing and wave propagation
  • Support including prototyping and characterization
  • Complex analysis of optical systems i.e. thermal analysis, tolerancing, stray light, cost estimation
  • Customized macro-programming (optical system set-up, merit function generation, user-defined surfaces etc.)
  • Consulting services