Micromachining provides a more flexible manufacturing of microparts with a much wider choise of materials. The manufacturing is done by using the classic cutting techniques of milling, drilling and turning, as well as microtools made of carbid or profiled diamond-tools. Production-oriented design of micro modules and appropriate selection of materials are the basis for mechanical manufacturing and structuring of small parts in high qualtity. Therefore microcutting permits a rapid way from the concept to the prototype.


Small parts for microassemby

  • Assembly platforms, magazines
  • Gripper for microprisms, microlenses, fibres
  • Adjusting and assembly devices
  • Mounts for microoptics


Microstructures made of machinable glass ceramic

  • Microholes, holearrays (minimal diameter: 30 µm)
  • Grooves, deepenings (minimal width: 100 µm)
  • Free of burrs, stable
  • Capable for vacuum environments, continuous use temperature: 800 °C
  • Examples:
  • hole structures to position and assemble optical fibres
  • fluidic systems
  • precisely structured coating masks