Ultrashort pulse fiber lasers


With their temporal dynamics, ultrashort laser pulses are of outstanding importance for various interdisciplinary applications. Short pulse durations help to achieve high intensities, and non-linear optical processes can be particularly effectively operated to exploit new wavelength ranges. With the high quality of the generated structures, micromaterials processing also benefits from the use of ultrashort pulses.

Fiber laser systems on the basis of ytterbium are excellently suited to generating and amplifying ultrashort laser pulses. The amplification bandwidth supports pulse durations of a few hundred femtoseconds. In addition, the use of special fibers with very large core diameters enables the amplification of the pulses to energies up to the millijoule range. The beam quality remains excellent. This is of key importance for many applications.



  • Huge amplification bandwidth for amplifying pulses with durations of a few hundred femtoseconds
  • Resistance to thermo-optical influences, by means of which particular high pulse repetition rates can be achieved
  • Excellent beam quality with the guiding properties of the fibers
  • Robust in the face of adverse environmental influences
  • Low-adjustment and low-maintenance



  • Micromaterials processing for boring holes and cutting sheets
  • Driving parametric processes for refining few-cycle pulses
  • Generation of coherent X-ray radiation for basic research in physics, biology and medicine