Antireflection coating of silica glass with anti-reflection structures


Silica glass is the material of choice for a multitude of demanding optics applications. Providing premium and yet cost-effective dereflection for it is a challenging task. This dereflection should work in a broad band from the UV to the IR range and meet the demands of high-performance applications. In addition, curved and structured surfaces should also be able to be dereflected.



  • Production of anti-reflective surfaces in silica glass using special dry etching process
  • Resulting monolithic generation of stochastically distributed anti-reflective structures
  • Dereflection effect from UV to the IR range and for large angles of incidence
  • Usable on curved and structured surfaces (lenses, gratings, computer-generated holograms etc.)
  • Extremely stable in high-performance applications
  • Rapid and cost-effective manufacture


Our work

  • Dereflection of sample parts
  • Optimization of dereflection for special elements and applications



  • Optical elements in silica glass
  • Formed and structured surfaces, e.g. lenses and microlens arrays, gratings, computer-generated holograms etc.
  • High-performance optics where conventional dereflections are impaired