Broadband-AR-coatings suitable for oblique light incidence


Modern camera systems and other optical components contain curved lenses which need to exhibit a low reflectivity. However, common interference coatings do not allow the realization of antireflection (AR) properties as good as required on the inclined planes of curved lenses.



  • ƒƒLow index organic nanostructured layers as topmost layers of AR stacks
  • ƒƒTailored coating designs in dependence on spectral range, light incidence angle and radius of lens curvature
  • ƒƒPreparation of homogeneous inorganic layers and organic nanostructures in a closed vacuum process


AR gradient coatings

  • ƒƒGradually decreasing refractive index from the substrate to the ambient medium
  • ƒƒEspecially suitable for lenses with considerable curvature
  • ƒƒTolerant for incidence angles up to 60°
  • ƒƒExample: 400–750 nm, 0°–60°, R < 1 %


AR interference coatings

  • ƒƒCombinations of interference stacks and organic nanostructures
  • ƒƒEspecially suitable for extremely broad spectral range
  • ƒƒExample: 400–1600 nm, 0°, R < 0.5%


Other properties

  • ƒƒHigh temperature stability
  • ƒƒAdjustable wettability
  • ƒƒMechanically sensitive: recommended only for internal or protected surfaces