Nano-precise mold insert construction and replication techniques


Micro- and nano-structured components are key elements of modern polymer engineering and optical products and systems. The latter are hereby provided with key functionalities such as dereflection, wetting modification, product protection and decorative effects which define the respective application.

Only the integration of functional micro- and nano-structures in the form insert and expert capability in molding enable cost-effective replication in mass production.


Our work

The competence of the junior research group and the underlying technological facilities at Fraunhofer IOF offer regional and national small and medium-sized companies the following options:

  • Application-specific design and simulation of functionalized micro- and nano-structures
  • Production of form inserts with microscopic and nanoscopic structural features
  • Technology consulting for process design and applications
  • Staff qualification and training

Researcher group financed by BMBF