Handling, Positioning, Alignment

Handling of Microcomponents

For a mechanized or automated micro assembly one fundamental requirement is the development of handling procedures that are not only suitable for the precise gripping, positioning and aligning of small and often very sensitive components, but also able to work in production environments for a high numbers of assembled devices with similar, high quality.

Positioning and alignment

Microsystems and especially microoptical systems often demand positioning accuracies in up to six degrees of freedom in the micron- and submicron-range for components within an assembly.

At Fraunhofer IOF the analysis and optimisation of positioning technologies is carried out with the help of different positioning systems that travel in a range up to 400 mm x 200 mm with an bidirectional accuracy of 0.3 micron. Robots and hexapod system aid the precise positioning of components and assembly tools like grippers, cameras and joining equipment.