Discover photonics research at the ‘Fraunhofer Photonica’ Summer School

Study trip to five Fraunhofer institutes leads to Jena

Jena (Germany) / May 8, 2023

As part of the "Fraunhofer Photonica" Summer School, the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces is organizing a study trip to its five member institutes, including the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena. From September 17 to 29, interested young researchers will have the opportunity to experience applied photonics research live and up close in the City of Light during a study trip. In addition to Jena, the trip will also lead to the Fraunhofer Institutes in Freiburg, Aachen and Dresden. Registration is possible until May 31. Participation is free of charge.

From medicine, optical communication, and environmental sciences to cutting-edge quantum technologies: Photonics research is driving innovation in numerous relevant fields of the future. Reason enough to take a closer look.

With the "Fraunhofer Photonica" Summer School, the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces is therefore offering the opportunity for up to twenty young researchers to experience exciting and pioneering fields of photonics at first hand and to deepen their (practical) knowledge of photonics over the course of a two-week study trip.

An academic tour to five Fraunhofer institutes in four cities

During the Summer School, participants visit the five Fraunhofer Institutes in the four joint cities: Freiburg, Aachen, Dresden and Jena. Researchers from each of the institutes will provide insights into the various topics and fields of application-oriented research in the field of photonics. Leading experts offer tutorials and lectures on fundamental aspects of photonics research. During the exchange with other young scientists, the master students also take a look behind the scenes of the institutes.

In addition, the scientific program is complemented by practical elements that offer new perspectives on the field. There will also be numerous opportunities for one-on-one discussions and professional exchanges during practice-oriented hands-on experiments. And there will also be plenty of opportunities to get to know the four event cities.

Female students visit Fraunhofer IOF during Wissenschaftscampus 2023.
© Fraunhofer IOF
Female students visit Fraunhofer IOF during Fraunhofer Science Campus 2023.

The world of lasers and quanta at Fraunhofer IOF

On September 28 and 29, Fraunhofer IOF in Jena will present the world of laser and quantum applications to the participating students. In addition to exciting lectures on photonic quantum technologies as well as fiber and laser applications, the young researchers are invited to take a stroll through our laboratories to get to know the everyday life and working environment of our scientists and to gain insights into current application fields of photonics - such as space-qualified quantum light sources or photonic quantum computers.

In the open photonics makerspace of the Abbe Center of Photonics, participants will also have the opportunity to conduct their own experiments and exchange their experiences with each other. In the evening, the students can also visit one of the touristic and optical highlights of the City of Light: the Zeiss Planetarium.

Presentation on job opportunities in the world of qantum and light at Fraunhofer Science campus at Fraunhofer IOF.
© Fraunhofer IOF
Presentation on possibilities and opportunities in the world of qantum and photonics at Fraunhofer Science campus at Fraunhofer IOF.

Application until May 31

Interested master's students can apply until May 31, 2023. Participation is free of charge. Further information on the event and application forms can be found at: Photonica Fraunhofer.


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