Antireflection coating of polymer optics

Durable coatings AR-hard®

AR-hard® coatings are especially suitable for plastic optics. The coating design typically consists of thin high index layers and much thicker low index thin layers.

AR-hard® coatings can be deposited by plasma-ion assisted deposition (plasma-IAD) and provide beneficial properties:

  • Effective colorless antireflection
  • Increased light transmission in a defined spectral region
  • High scratch resistance, adjustable by thickness

  • Environmental stability, typically:
  • 40 °C to +60 °C on PMMA
  • 40 °C to +85 °C on PC

  • Additional functionalities like easy-to-clean and UV protection

The coating can be deposited on PMMA (patented process), polycarbonate, Zeonex, polyamide, CR39 and others.


Antireflective nanostructures AR-plas®

Antireflective structures AR-plas® can be produced by plasma etching, applying a patented technology. The structure formation occurs self-organized (PMMA, CR39) or can be initialized by a thin start layer (i.e. Zeonex). The achieved excellent broadband antireflective effect works for a broad range of light incidence angles. The process is especially useful for curved or microstructured optical lenses (i.e. Fresnel lenses).

High transmission in the visible spectral range has been demonstrated, i.e. for PMMA, Zeonex, Ultrason, PET and CR39. Antireflective nanostructures are mechanically sensitive. The application is recommended for protected surfaces inside of optical devices only.