Fiber Laser Components


Scalability of high power fiber lasers is closely linked to new fiber designs. As a consequence, new fiber optical components and processes are also necessary.


Characteristics and Technology

The Fraunhofer IOF Jena develops new joining technologies and processes for fiber optics and its components based on a CO2-laser.
High purity processes without any contaminations for splicing and tapering tasks can be provided.



A CO2-laser is an efficient tool for manufacturing of different fiber laser components and fiber preparation processes with high precision, purity, and reproducibility:

  • Splicing of fibers with similar or different fiber cross-sections
  • Tapering of fibers and capillaries
  • Collapsing of Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Stripping of coated fiber material
  • Shaping of fiber end facets
  • Cleaning of fiber tips
  • Splicing of special rod type fibers, etc.

Furthermore, pump couplers and beam shaping elements are manufactured.
The development of special customized processes and devices are possible.