Die Funktionsvielfalt einer Faser kann durch Mikrostrukturierung erhöht werden. So wurde eine photonische Kristallfaser designed mit den Außendimensionen eines Stablasers und den Funktionseigenschaften einer Faser. Damit wird eine signifikante Leistunsskalierung möglich. The functional diversity of fibers can be increased by micro structuring. A photonic crystal fiber with the dimensions of a rod laser and the functionality of a fiber was designed. This results in a significantly increased power.

Fiber cleaving and polishing


End-face preparation is a key element of preparing fibers for components, amplifiers or entire laser systems.



In addition to polishing, the controlled break of the fiber (cleaving) is the best method of preparation.

The cleaving process encompasses the following requirements:

  • Optimum cleave angle
  • Avoidance of surface unevenness
  • Avoidance of cracks
  • Avoidance of large glass splinters

The Fraunhofer IOF can cleave fibers with diameters of 125 µm to 1 mm. 

Furthermore, in addition to standard fibers, special fibers such as photonic crystal fibers can be prepared. This is carried out with the aid of preparatory processes such as the complete or partial collapse of air holes in the glass cladding. These preparatory processes also include polishing with adapted fiber holders, as required at different angles.



In addition to microscopic and scanning electron images, quality testing following cleaving is possible with white light interferometry and 3D height profile measurement.