Reflectors with homogenous illumination and high thermal conductivity as well as mirrors with complex surfaces are manufactured by diamond processing at Fraunhofer IOF for a range of applications. Typical materials such as copper, aluminum and silicon can be processed ultra-precisely. For IR applications, the typical requirements of micro-roughness and accuracy of form are realized with direct diamond cutting. Complex surfaces such as aspheres, free forms or lens arrays can be produced simply and precisely using the UP technologies of milling and turning. The processed metal surfaces are optically finished. Particularly outstanding properties in the NIR and IR ranges are achieved using sputtered gold layers. Reflective and transmissive applications in the fields of aerospace, safety and defense technology are the subject of research and development at Fraunhofer IOF.

A camera for the near infrared range (900 nm - 2500 nm) was developed and constructed at Fraunhofer IOF. The entire camera optics function in a cooled state with liquid nitrogen at 77 K and in a vacuum. The optics were realized using diamond processing of aspherical mirrors.