LED- and OLED-Optics

Decoupling and beam-shaping optics for LEDs and OLEDs (organic LEDs) transport light from the source to the application. Applied designs for collimators and diffusers enable the use of the benefits of LEDs and OLEDs such as high conversion efficiency, useful life and controllable color.

Optics for LED systems

Modern high-performance LEDs enable new approaches for efficient lighting systems. With the optics, all kinds of light distribution can be generated depending on the application.

Optics for OLED systems

OLEDs are new light sources which, on account of the continuous spectrum, the large luminous area and low thickness fundamentally differ from conventional (spot) light sources. Adjusting the radiation field to the specific tasks of metrology or general lighting requires special microoptical approaches which take into account the flat design and maintain the attractive properties of OLEDs.