Microoptics in fused silica, borosilicate glass and silicon


Fabrication of micro-optical elements with high durability, high laser damage threshold and transparency ranging from UV to IR in fused silica, borosilicate glass and silicon.



  • Wafer-scale process technology on silicon, fused silica or borosilicate glass
  • Primary pattern generation by lithography and polymer reflow or variable dose laser lithography
  • Proportional transfer by plasma dry etching (RIE, ICP)
  • Double-sided aligned processing
  • Surface AR-Coatings
  • Separation by chip dicing



  • Spherical and cylindrical lenses
  • Diffractive elements
  • Arrays with sub-μm position accuracy
  • Aspherical lens profiles
  • Lens sag: up to approx. 50 μm
  • Uniformity: ±2 % on 100 mm wafer
  • Reproducibility: ±2 %
  • rms profile accuracy: ±0.3 % of lens height within 95 % of lens diameter
  • Base material: Wafer Ø 100/150 mm, up to ca. 6 mm thickness



  • UV, VIS and IR-optics
  • Laser / fiber collimation
  • Beam forming elements
  • Homogenization
  • Fill factor enhancement of detector arrays