UV-molding of polymer for wafer-level micro optic

Thin UV-molded polymer layers with molded micro-/nanooptical structures on glass or semiconductor substrates unite high precision and stability with cost-effective processing and customized properties.

There is longstanding experience and extensive equipment at Fraunhofer IOF for:

  • Processing UV-cured acrylates and epoxides in mask aligners with UV molding option
  • Using anorganic-organic hybrid polymers (e.g. ORMOCER® elements from the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg)
  • Selecting and modifying polymer resins to achieve specific optical and stability properties in the produced elements, e.g.:
  • Diffraction index and dispersion, achromatization
  • Index profiles, optical homogeneity
  • Thermo-optical coefficient
  • High spectral transparency (e.g. for laser/LED application)
  • Bond strength, temperature stability, moisture stability, yellowing resistance
  • Compatibility with plasma-supported coating, sawing, bonding, soldering etc.
  • Viscosity etc., processing capability
  • Measurement/investigation of the above properties and typical component parameters before and after stability testing


Sample applications

  • Arrays of achromatic doublets in a microoptical close-up system
  • Diffractive ORMOCER® elements for use in high-performance laser diode bars