Mask based polymer-waveguide-elements


By coating (e.g. spinning on) and exposure by a mask with subsequent development process, waveguide components can be directly written into UV-curable polymers.

Preferred materials are anorganic-organic hybrid polymers, synthesized at Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg.

  • The production is simple and exclusively carried out with photolithography devices and process steps, typically on 4” wafer size
  • Single-mode and multi-mode
  • Refractive index variation with co-polymerization
  • Very good planarizing properties
  • Stacking of waveguide layers is possible
  • Thermo-optical components
  • Low losses in wavelengths from 1.3 µm and 1.55 µm



  • Passive components such as 1 X N and N X M distributors in various configurations
  • Waveguide arrays for basic research
  • 3D waveguide fan-out element as optical HF summator
  • Biosensors on the basis of surface plasmon excitation in multimode strip waveguides
  • Integration of waveguide structures with microoptics
  • Thermo-optical switch with low cross talk



  • Mask layout and production in accordance with design, adapted to technological requirements
  • Production of components
  • Development of processes and technology transfer
  • Characterization and in-process measurements
  • Material selection and characterization
  • Investigations on stability of optical properties for special fields of application