Drive and Motion Systems

High-precision applications in lithography and metrology increasingly demand the precise positioning of substrates such as wafers or masks in the nanometer range. In order to master the exacting demands with regard to repeatability and positioning accuracy, interferences such as friction or the stick-slip phenomenon are unacceptable. The outstanding qualities of gas-bearing or gas-guided components and systems enable movement with excellent motion properties and virtually no friction. At Fraunhofer IOF, combinations of guideways, bearings and drives are realized and customized mechanical solutions developed. In addition to systems for standard atmosphere, the Fraunhofer IOF is increasingly developing motion systems for vacuums. In order to maintain the known guiding properties of gas-lubricated systems in a vacuum environment, additional components such as contactless suction systems are integrated.

Optical systems for beam shaping and deflection form a further area of focus. The combination of optics and precision engineering results in scanners and illumination systems for rapid and precise beam deflection.


Our work:

  • Gantry systems
  • Parallel kinematics
  • Scanner systems