PVD coating on polyamide Trogamid® CX


TROGAMID® CX is a transparent microcrystalline Polyamide which is characterized by a high chemical durability. Optical components and eye glasses can be made by injection molding.


Performance in vacuum coating processes

TROGAMID® CX 7323 shows excellent adhesion properties and high stability in low pressure plasma processes. It is suitable for Plasma-ion assisted deposition of multifunctional optical interference coatings therefore.


Coating Applications

  • Scratch resistant antireflection coating AR-hard® (1 μm to 3 μm thickness)
  • AR-hard® combined with UV cut-off filter
  • Antireflection for laser wavelengths
  • Beam splitter



  • Adherence according after Tape-Test, fast (ISO 9211-02-03)
  • Environmental Durability according to ISO 9022-2: Temperature range: -10 °C to +70 °C