Coating on plastics and antireflective structures

Areas of work are the generation of anti-reflection structures with plasma etching (AR-plas® and AR-plas2) on plastics, antireflection coatings on plastics and vapor-deposited organic layers. The AR-hard® design principle was developed for particularly abrasion-resistant antireflection layers.

On the basis of plasma ion assisted deposition (Leybold APS) and sputter technology, the Fraunhofer IOF develops special-purpose processes for depositing optical and multifunctional layers on plastics.

The results rely on the longstanding investigation into the behavior of plastics in plasma processes.


The new technology AR-plas2 offers low reflectivity from the UV up to the near IR or from 300 to 1.700 nm. It uses a low temperature plasma process and a combination of inorganic layers and organic nanostructures. A very low refractive index on the outermost surface of the coating guarantees a low residual reflectance for a broad range of light incidence angles. The technology is well suited for economic large scale processes.